Webinar : Findings of Just Published TDWI Report on “Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media”


Today customers are more than just customers. With the wide use of social media networking, they influence others and reveal their buying interests. On the other hand, organizations know that, to compete effectively, they must capture as much information as possible to detect patterns, trends, and other clues to stay in the competition. This live TDWI Webinar on Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media will address best practices, provide guidance, and dispense tips for using the tools and techniques to leverage data from social media networks.

Register here http://bit.ly/M5Ylo4

Webinar broadcast: July 10, 2012 9:00 a.m. PT
Speaker: David Stodder
To register: http://bit.ly/M5Ylo4

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Also check out the just published Best Practices Report on the same subjecthttp://bit.ly/MF3BMT

We hope you will find both the Webinar and the report informative.

Webinar : FICO Analytic Learning Series


FICO has announced the FICO Analytic Learning Webinar Series, five free webinars from October 2011 through January 2012 devoted to helping financial services analytics professionals improve their use of predictive analytics and modeling.

The webinars focus on sharing advanced analytic techniques pioneered by FICO experts along with case studies demonstrating how financial services institutions around the world are using analytics and modeling to solve business problems and achieve growth.

The first webinar in the series, “A Clear Diagnosis: Managing Predictive Models in a Highly Regulated, Dynamic Economy,” is scheduled for October 19. It focuses on best practices to build, improve, and refine methodologies for achieving regulatory compliance while simultaneously spurring growth. FICO is presenting the webinar twice, in order to focus separately on North American and European compliance issues.

Learn more about the Analytic Learning Webinar Series, read about other upcoming webinars in the series and register for one or more webinars in the series at:

North America: https://www.csvep.com/FICO/analytic.html
Europe/Asia/Africa: https://www.csvep.com/FICO/analytic_EMEA.html