Visual Literacy

Often neglected but a critical knowledge area for the business, communication and engineering students is Visual Literacy.  It is the ability of an individual to evaluate, apply or create a visual representation of an idea or thought or a process which is mostly conceptual in nature. Key to achieving the conceptual visualization skill is to transform the abstract thought into graphics or other tangible forms and manage the complexity of the thought / topic.

So far, in the academic world, visualization concepts, principles and methods is being taught albeit in the theoretic form without the necessary tools to actually develop these skills with the student community.  Probable reason could be non-availability of structured material or exercises for the teachers and students.  The difficult part of the whole teaching is on making the students experience the kinds of challenges arise when knowledge needs to be visualized for successful communication, strategizing or engineering tasks. Although the topic of visualization is a very creative one, students so far only had limited possibilities to creatively explore visualization in their application domains.

With the online tutorial, professors and teachers can flexibly revert to an important resource whenever a course relies on conceptual visualization competence.  Check out for the various articles, demos and other assets.

Don’t forget to roll over your cursor especially on the periodic table of visualization methods found in the link below :