How Social BI and Data Analytics Professionals Use Twitter

Influence of social media on decision makers is fast catching up.  People regularly look up to the social media for any references to the product / solution they are intending to engage with.  Even the search engines has been aggregating information based on the hash tag searches and the trending topics.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics professionals too haven’t been left behind on this powerful and influential medium of communication.  AllformZ blog has been covered in this week’s TIBCO Spotfire’s Blog for its contribution towards Social BI / Mobile BI and the services rendered to the BI Practitioner community especially in India.

Adding another perspective to this is Mark Smith, EVP of Research & CEO of premier analyst firm, Ventana Research firm’s blog post on the kind of influence or need for social media adoption amongst the analyst community.  He stresses upon the need for analyst community to embrace this effective medium.

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Social Media & Business Intelligence

Of late there has been great recognition for and adoption of the social media with the corporates. Most of them also have their impressions on Twitter, Facebook etc. Inernet is also flooding with case studies on how these social media has increased their visibility amongst their competitors.

There is also an interesting side to this development. How BI can leverage on this and pick up right signals which could be delivered to the business.?

This would be a key agenda in the forthcoming Forrester Data Management Tweet Jam. Check out Rob Karel’s blog in the Information Management website.