Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms

Every time Gartner publishes the ‘Magic Quandarant for BI Platforms‘ there is lot of discussions, blogging, views, arguments etc. in the industry.  This time too it is no different from the earlier ones.

Surprisingly, for an industry which relishes on its intelligence superiority, the  ‘Visionaries’ quadrant is empty and the ‘Challengers’ quadrant has only two players – TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau!  Are we heading towards a single vendor monopoly kind of a situation or are there no worthwhile players to provide the vision and challenge the establish vendors?  Looks like all the start ups who were otherwise providing the vision and challenging the established ones have been either taken over or consumed by the bigger fishes.  Or is it that this is due to the way Gartner creates the Magic Quandrant?

Salient points in the current issue of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms are :

  • TCO and cost seems to have played an important role in having Microsoft getting positioned above the rest in the Leaders quadrant
  • For the first time, LogiXML and Jaspersoft has been added to the quadrant.  Is Gartner bowing to the pressures from the Open Source lobby to include low cost alternatives?
  • SAP is the lowest one on the ‘Leaders’ quadrant.  What’s gone wrong?  Are the acquisitions and its disruptiveness causing the issue?  But the market place still seems to have a great demand for Business Objects.
  • In-memory BI tool vendor, QlikTech moves upto the ‘Leaders’ quadrnat.  A worthy candidate and has had an excellent run in the market place of late.
  • Happy to see both Tableau & TIBCO Sportfire on the ‘Challengers’ quadrant.  Hope they are planning to see themselves at the Leaders quadrant next year.

Interesting thoughts and counter thoughts have started to flood the social media.  Some of them worth taking a view are :

If you are interested in understanding how Gartner evaluates the contestants.  Click on the link below :

Free download of the complete Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report is available at the SAS website.


SAP Crystal Solutions has come up with a festival of reporting and dashboard challenge through a brand new site Reportapalooza.  At the site, you get a chance to view some exceptional dashboards created by the challengers and also would get to win cool prizes too.  Added benefit is to know more about the industry’s stalwarts from the dashboard and reporting arena like Jamie Oswald, Mico Yuk, Jim Brodgen, Brian Durning & David Deitch.  Icing on the cake is a chance to win a reporting class from the maestro too.  SAP has been positioning the Crystal Solutions strongly with the SMB segment of the business due to the ease of use, maintenance and implementation.

SAP Acquires Sybase

SAP had announced the acquisition of Sybase on May 12, 2010 for a whopping sum of around $ 5.8 billion. Major reason behind the acquisition was said to be SAP’s interest in extending its in-memory capability especially to the mobile users for providing real time BI. Sybase’s CEP and analytics capability would be leveraged for this initiative.

It was MySQL sometime ago and now it is the turn for Sybase to be acquired. Would there be a future for OS DB vendors? Will there be a place for unbiased and platform independent innovation?

Lots of questions looming large in the horizon. Looking forward to hear your views and thoughts.