Bill Inmon’s New Book : Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse

In the beginning there were structured systems built on structured data. All sorts of sophisticated analytical systems were built based on structured data. But one day the world woke up to discover that 80% or more of the data in the world was not structured. 100% of business decisions were being made on the basis of the 20% of the worlds structured data. Corporations were missing out on important data found in emails, corporate contracts, insurance claims, medical records, and many other forms of text.

Now you can build a data warehouse consisting of text. Now you can expand the horizons of your corporate decision makers. Now it is possible to build a whole class of systems that were never before possible. Now it is possible to build a relational data base whose foundation is text. And with that data base it is possible to do analytical processing that you have never before imagined.

Let Bill Inmon and Krish Krishnan take you through the issues of design and implementation in their new book.

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