What’s In / What’s Out for 2011

Year 2011 was truly an year to remember for the events that shook us all.  Quite a few great thought leaders who had played a key role in shaping the Information Technology space left us.  We also got to see few futuristic technologies and patterns like Hadoop, BigData stepping in.  Business Intelligence continues to remain in the top three priorities of the CxOs and has grown considerably both in terms of reach and adoption.

As I write my last blog post of the year, I wanted to share an interesting list of  ‘What’s In / What’s Out for 2011’ which I got to see in the mail from Micheael Atkin’s of EDM Council.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and fun filled new year to come !!

What’s In
Financial Stability
Market Surveillance
Operational Ontologies
Capability Measurement
Governance Implementation
Total Cost of Ownership
Links and Relationships
Regulatory Rule-Making
Legal Entity Identifier
Attribute-Based Classification
Big Data
Granular Reporting
Open Source Identifiers
Semantic Definition
Natural Language
Data Visualization
Legal Facts
Flexible Architecture
Data Manufacturing
Data Comparability
Information as an Asset
Strategic Data Management
Added Value
Data Quality Rules
Data Management Maturity
Data Harmonization
Regulatory Collaboration
Incremental migration
Data Alignment
Data Lineage
Requirements management
Business Alignment
Data Profiling
Front-to-Back Linkages
Exception Management
System of Record
Client Benefits
Risk and Compliance Business Case
Office of Financial Research
What’s Out
Systemic Risk
Market Abuse
Data Models
Performance Metrics
Governance Structure
Return on Investment
Legislative Objectives
Global Location Number
Hard Coded Classification
Data Overload
Aggregated Reporting
Proprietary Identifiers
Schema Definition
Message Syntax
Data Analytics
Data Structures
Legacy Systems
Data Remediation
Data Mapping
Data Importance
Tactical Data Management
Competitive Advantage
Duplicate Sourcing
Operational Risk Management
Data Workflow
Shared Services
Regulatory Mandate
Rip and Replace
Cross Referencing
Data Measurement
Requirements Capture
Top Down Management
Data Cleansing
Transformed Truth
Find and Fix
Golden Copy
Value to Business
Logical Business Case
Systemic Opacity

BI Trends For 2011 – What To Expect & What Not To

What a year 2010 was !! Business Intelligence was the toast of the town, proof of which could be assessed with the number of acquisitions and consolidations that had occurred in the market place.  Now with 2010 passing by and 2011 just knocking our doors, I felt that the current topic would be an apt one to sign off this year’s last blog post.

What To Expect

  • Increase in BI adoption thereby increase in the number of BI users
  • Preference for a single BI vendor platform for better support and bang on buck
  • Greater support for mobile BI and native BI data presentation for smart phones
  • Increased usage of in-built analytics or packaged analytic solutions
  • In-memory BI applications finding their foothold through departmental BI
  • On-demand BI to service the SME segment via SaaS model
  • New versions from most of the tool vendors essentially necessitated due to the latest mergers and acquisitions
  • Big data solutions like Hadoop being looked at as an alternative to EDWs
  • Aggressive push from appliance providers like Neteeza, Exadata etc.
  • Social analytics – Ability to aggregate trends, hash tags, discussions from social media into native BI applications
  • Excel continues to rule
  • Master Data Management (MDM) would surge forward with increased executive sponsorship

What Not to Expect

  • BI on cloud – Can the hype sustain and deliver?
  • Key innovations from the big tool vendors
  • IT holding the key to BI & DWH initiatives
  • Decrease in IT spending on BI initiatives

Pundits are already in town with their predictions and I am sure that you too would have few of your own.  Feel free to share them.

Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous 2011 !!