#OneTEDaDay – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Day # 33 – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe by Simon Sinek

I was speaking to a friend today and was generally enquiring about how his work.  That’s when he told me as to how people were let go coz of downsizing and force closure of projects that were either unviable or not meeting the objectives of the organization.  It made me feel sad for those poor folks who chose to work day and night on those projects run by the leaders whom they though would protect them and help them grow in the organization.  It kind of led me to today’s TED post on ‘Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.’

Its a talk filled with stories of sweat and blood indeed right from the soldiers serving our country in the line of fire to those great leaders who lead them from the front.  Its an irony that the corporate organizations pay a truck load to those kind of leaders who chose to ignore their own people.

In the journey of life what matters is trust and that’s what great leaders provide us and the armed forces have them in tons – proud to have been one !!

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