#OneTEDaDay – The Happy Secret to Better Work

Day # 30 – The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor

‘It’s all in the mind’ goes the adage.  But indeed it is a great one to always remember because in our never ending pursuit of happiness, we mostly tend to forget that we keep raising the bar on what we believe is to be happy.

Shawn who is also a psychologist argues that happy folks are the most productive and yes, it is all in the mind.  Our minds could be rewired to be happy and thereby be more productive.  He suggests daily activities like maintaining a journal to record positive thoughts, three acts of gratitude, at least one mail with a positive note and even a random act of kindness should work wonders.  Once it becomes a practice, it is sure to show up in our lives.

Great talk to end our week in a positive note indeed.

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