#OneTEDaDay – Less Stuff, More Happiness

Day # 36 – Less Stuff, More Happiness by Graham Hill

Happiness is a relative term and any correlation of happiness to material possession is nothing but superficial.  Our society had many proponents of minimalism like Buddha, Gandhi, Steve Jobs etc.  It is a firm belief in the East Asian / Indian philosophy that attachment to material or physical objects leads to pain.    But its an irony that we try to hog more and more.  We have more shoes and suites than we could ever wear.  Kids pester their parents to buy anything and everything that they watch on the television and we as parents oblige most of the time too.

Graham argues that it is cool to live with less stuff and indeed leads to more happiness.  I couldn’t agree more with him and I bet you’d as well after watching this short talk.  If you are inspired, do visit his website LifeEdited for more.

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