New Trends in BI Requirements Gathering

Have you ever been part of a business requirements gathering exercise?  Well, if the answer is ‘Yes’ then you are aware of the pains behind coming up with a comprehensive Business Requirement Document (BRD).

Traditional approach for the BI requirement gathering revolved around having the data organized in Word documents or Excel sheets or utmost using a collaborative tool such as MS SharePoint.  In short, the earlier approaches were more document centric. Lots of emphasis and effort was spent on maintaining the version and correctness of the document.  It was cumbersome when the requirements were to reviewed and updated by people across geographies.  Maintaining consistency of the document in scenarios where cross referencing was prevalent became even more difficult.

Emerging requirements automation software tools renders a BRD the much required consistency and make it rich especially where cross referenced objects and hyperlinks are embedded in the documents.

Wish to know more?  Check out this interesting piece of information by Fernando Martinez-Campos on New Trends in BI Requirements Gathering.

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