How Does a World Class BI Program Should Look Like?

Surprisingly, we keeping asking this question again and again to ourselves despite being BI practitioners.  Being well aware of how the BI programs are received by the business at large and the levels of expectations experienced by all the stakeholders during the initiation of a BI program could be the reason behind this ever sounding question in us.

Recently, both in Twitter as well amongst other thought leaders such as Timo Elliot, this was the question of discussion.  How do we draw parallels to a world class BI program?  Does our own BI program could stand up to be a world ranker?

Few factors to consider to ensure that a BI Program would look world class are :

  • Leveraging the information available in the organization to change the way the business is being done
  • Making IT learn the business nuances rather than the other way around
  • Keep talking about the achievements the values the BI program has delivered to the organization
  • Increasing the BI adoption by providing simple means of data access
  • Scope big and execute small iteratively
  • Be open to changes both architecture wise and usability wise
  • Always think like the end user – user experience really matters
  • Hang on to it – persistence pays despite odds
  • Be the change you wish to be

To quote from the words of Timo Ellliot, “It’s one where that successfully changes the information CULTURE of the organization.  Business intelligence is about business and people, not information and technology. Information is useless unless you actually change something in the way your organization does business. And technology is useless unless it actually gets to the people who should be using it.”

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