#OneTEDaDay – Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

Day # 29 – Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid by Guy Winch

Its true that we don’t spend time and efforts on keeping our mind healthy as much as we do to our body.  Its sad that although physical hygiene is taught to us from our childhood, emotional hygiene is almost always forgotten.  Guy makes a compelling case for practicing emotional hygiene.  Taking care of our emotions, our minds and the injuries it more often has than our bodies with the same care and compassion that we show to our bodies.  It pays in a long run, he says.  For e.g. people who are affected by loneliness has a 14% higher rate of leaving this earth which he says is almost equal to that of the smokers.  Let’s give it a try.

#OneTEDaDay : Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career

Day # 28 – Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career by Larry Smith

The other day I was speaking with a friend and the discussions veered around another common friend who had a great career.  It later made me ponder on how few have a great career.  How does one get a great career?  Is it coz of sheer luck or being at a right place on a right time doing the right thing?  Larry Smith in his funny but blunt talk says that pursuing one’s passion leads to a great career and NOT the one he or she is interested in .  In fact he states that Passion is the highest expression of interest.  Instead of pursuing it we take umbrage against it by wrapping it in human relationships.

How mesmerized we are whenever we listen to Steve Job’s Stanford commencement lecture.  But think about what we did next – nothing.  There are no good careers any more.

Go live your dreams !!

#OneTEDaDay : The Habits of Happiness

Day # 27 – The Habits of Happiness by Matthieu Ricard

Have you seen someone who is every happy?  I know what you are thinking by now.  You should be thinking of one of those friend of yours who is ever smiling despite difficulties or being insulated by things happening around him or her.  Did you sometime feel jealous of not being able to live like that?  You should then listen to this great piece of advise from Matthieu Ricard who is a Biochemist turned  Buddhist monk and has been well known as the happiest man to be alive.  He states that happiness has been defined vaguely by most thinkers or authors.  Happiness should probably called as well-being which sounds more apt.  Its important that we take care of our minds as well as we take care of our bodies.

#OneTEDaDay – Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

Day # 26 – Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work by Jason Fried

Does the title sounds familiar?  Most of us would agree that the culprit is M & M which is what Jason finds out too.  M & M is the short form of Managers & Meetings.  Its kind of funny when Jason calls out Managers as someone who is there to interrupt the work process.  Its essential that one gets an uninterrupted time slot to honestly deliver some worthwhile work for which he or she has been employed.  Watch this light hearted but anecdotal banter from Jason.  He is also the co-author of the book titled ‘Rework’ and is the founder of 37Signals whose product is Basecamp which addresses many of these work related ills.

#OneTEDaDay : Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Day # 25 – Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs by Cameron Herold

It was amazing to watch Cameron Herold speak about what we got to do with our kids.  Being a parent, we are torn away by the reality and we expect that the kids live our dreams.  In a way it means that they study well, get a great job and build a career for himself or herself.

If you look at how Cameron was brought up in an entrepreneurial household, and how he is bringing up his own kids, its pretty amazing.  I have seen kids to be having all the skills that are required for an entrepreneur.  They know when to ask, what to ask and how to negotiate their asks.  It only takes adults like us to groom them to be an entrepreneur.  I am doing it for sure.  How about you?

#OneTEDaDay : How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Day 24 : How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek

Ok, I can see how tired you are at reading a post with a title such as this.  Well, even I did feel the same when I chose to watch this TED talk. I should tell you that I was proved wrong.  I was also driven by the recent article from McKinsey which is aptly titled as “Getting Beyond the BS of Leadership Literature.”  But Simon took this heavy hitting topic and crystalized it to its simplest possible form.

Every time I see an org change happens, a new leader takes over, there is a ton of communication that happens on what their vision is and how they want to execute it.  But rarely I have seen leaders talking about why they want to do it.  This is exactly the essence of Simon’s talk.  He argues that successful,  inspiring organizations and leaders have exactly the same formula i.e. Why, How & What.  They start from Why and move outwards.  May it be Apple, Wright Brothers or Dr. King, all of them seem to have adopted the same approach.  I felt the approach really refreshing.  I’m sure you are aware that Simon had also authored the successful books such as ‘Start With Why’ and ‘Leaders Eat Last.’

#OneTEDaDay : Weird, or Just Different

Day # 23 : Weird, or Just Different by Derek Divers

Have you ever been to a place and felt it be weird or completely different?  Well, there is always a flip side to everything, isn’t it?  Or even to people?  Yes, you are absolutely right.

This is the shortest TED talk I’ve watched till date but nails the subject. I’m sure you’d love it as much as I did.

#OneTEDaDay : The Surprising Science of Happiness

Day # 22 : The Surprising Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert who is also the author of the famous book Stumbling on Happiness” is an Harvard psychologist and researcher. Through his research he found that our beliefs on what makes us happy is completely wrong. Unlike the popular belief that if we don’t get something, it makes feel unhappy; our immune system of happiness does makes us feel otherwise even if things doesn’t go the way it was planned.

If you are in someway reminded about your current partner and your past one, well, you are certainly not the first one. Watch and enjoy !!

#OneTEDaDay : The Power of Time Off

Day # 21 : The Power of Time Off by Stefan Sagmeister

Hurray !! Its Monday again but I’m relaxed and enjoying my President’s Day long weekend.  I’m also happy coz today is the 21st day of my OneTEDaDay experiment.  I read somewhere that if you stick on to something for 21 days continuously, in right ernest, it becomes an habit.  Hope this streak continues.  Wish me good luck folks.

As the day started off, what best topic I could have chosen other than the Power of Time Off.  Time off does wonders – it rejuvenates, refreshes and makes us feel positive both towards our lives and work. Stefan is a renowned designer who shuts down his studio completely for one whole year after every seven years.  He uses this time off to rethink about his work, his passion for design and to pursue things he loves to do but did not get time to do.  He argues that data has shown that organizations have benefitted by letting employees spend a portion of their time on things that they love to do.  It happened at 3M, Google and many other places.

Watch this talk if you are contemplating for a sabbatical – you will love it.

#OneTEDaDay : What Consumers Want

Day # 20 : What Consumers Want by Joseph Pine

Digital is the toast of the season.  Everyone and their grandmother are talking about the invasion of Digital in their lives.  Banks are spending a ton of dollars on ‘becoming’ digitally driven.  Its sort of a coincidence that I bumped on this great TED talk delivered 12 years ago which sounded very relevant even today.  I’m amazed at how we haven’t really understood what the consumers want.  He argues is that there isn’t anything that is called as un-authenticity.  Its a feeling or a reaction to something that happens around us.  What really matters is rendering the perceived authenticity to the customers to make them believe aka Disney World experience !!  Love the authenticity of Joe.