#OneTEDaDay – Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Day # 39 – Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban

Accept it – everyone does procrastinate during some time in our lives.  But what separates the mortals from the masters is the frequency at which they do it.  They in fact thrive at procrastination.  We have seen them all around us – in our homes, at work, at the grocery etc.  Tim gets into the heart of a master procrastinator and details it out as to how and why they do it coz he himself had been one of the clan members.  The culprit to tackle is the instant gratification monkey that keeps us attached to procrastination.  Take the monkey out of your back.

#OneTEDaDay – How to Spot a Liar?

Day # 38 – How to Spot a Liar by Pamela Meyer

Research says that on any given day we are lied to on an average of 10 to 200 times and the effort to spot a lie could be subtle and counter-intuitive.  Its an interesting narrative from Pam who has written a complete book on Liespotting.  It happens all around us.  Check out this interesting talk from Pam on how to spot a liar and what you can do about it.

#OneTEDaDay – The Clues to a Great Story

Day # 37 – The Clues to a Great Story by Andrew Stanton

A great story always sells.  We love people who tell stories.  All great sales guys are known to be excellent story tellers.  Why do we feel excited about stories?  Why do we often relate ourselves or someone whom we know to such stories?  If these are the questions looming large in your heads then probably you got to listen to Andrew’s talk.

I need to caution that the talk contains graphic language.  Hence watch it at your own risk !!

#OneTEDaDay – Less Stuff, More Happiness

Day # 36 – Less Stuff, More Happiness by Graham Hill

Happiness is a relative term and any correlation of happiness to material possession is nothing but superficial.  Our society had many proponents of minimalism like Buddha, Gandhi, Steve Jobs etc.  It is a firm belief in the East Asian / Indian philosophy that attachment to material or physical objects leads to pain.    But its an irony that we try to hog more and more.  We have more shoes and suites than we could ever wear.  Kids pester their parents to buy anything and everything that they watch on the television and we as parents oblige most of the time too.

Graham argues that it is cool to live with less stuff and indeed leads to more happiness.  I couldn’t agree more with him and I bet you’d as well after watching this short talk.  If you are inspired, do visit his website LifeEdited for more.

#OneTEDaDay – Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Day # 35 – Do Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson is a creativity proponent and expert.  He challenges the way our kids are educated in school.  We give more importance to things that does not support creativity in schools.  The ever buzzing and inquisitive minds are bogged down with mundaneness.  He passionately argues that we are educating our kids out of creativity.  A must watch for all reasons.

#OneTEDaDay – Doodlers, Unite

Day # 34 – Doodlers, Unite by Sunni Brown

Doodling or visual note taking is a great way to process large information quickly. It helps retain the information for a long time.  I’m aware of few talented folks  who use this during meetings.  This visual note taking skill helps them to process the thoughts and ideas in a clear but concise manner.

Don’t believe me?  Check this talk from Sunni Brown on doodling.

#OneTEDaDay – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Day # 33 – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe by Simon Sinek

I was speaking to a friend today and was generally enquiring about how his work.  That’s when he told me as to how people were let go coz of downsizing and force closure of projects that were either unviable or not meeting the objectives of the organization.  It made me feel sad for those poor folks who chose to work day and night on those projects run by the leaders whom they though would protect them and help them grow in the organization.  It kind of led me to today’s TED post on ‘Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.’

Its a talk filled with stories of sweat and blood indeed right from the soldiers serving our country in the line of fire to those great leaders who lead them from the front.  Its an irony that the corporate organizations pay a truck load to those kind of leaders who chose to ignore their own people.

In the journey of life what matters is trust and that’s what great leaders provide us and the armed forces have them in tons – proud to have been one !!

#OneTEDaDay : The Paradox of Choice

Day # 32 : The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

Shopping in super stores like Walmart, ShopRite, Wegmans etc. could be pretty overwhelming because of the sheer choices you have to conquer while choosing even a simple item like a ketchup.  Choice is considered for long by the proponents of the western tenets as a synonym to freedom.  But the abundance of choices has created a problem of different kind.  In his awesome talk delivered in 2005, Barry Schwartz attacks the very phenomenon of choice and the issues around it.  He argues that choice has made us not freer but more paralyzed, not happier but more dissatisfied.  I’m amazed at how relevant his take his even after more than a decade.  It only shows two things, one – the marketers haven’t changed their view of customers and two – it is going to remain the same for a long time to come.

Now I know why I love shopping at Trader Joe’s.  You might want to call it as the paradox of lack of choice !!

Choice is better than none but more choice is certainly an issue.

#OneTEDaDay : In Praise of Slowness

Day # 31 : In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore

Our lives are on a high speed mode.  Everything has turned itself to the fast syndrome – speed reading, speed dating and the list goes on.  Being slow is an anathema to many.  Even in the corporate world, people who are slow are not the ones who get noticed or recognized.  Carl argues in favor of slowness and illustrates the benefits of slowness.  Today is Monday and it is ok to be slow.  Let’s put a brake on our lives.

#OneTEDaDay – The Happy Secret to Better Work

Day # 30 – The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor

‘It’s all in the mind’ goes the adage.  But indeed it is a great one to always remember because in our never ending pursuit of happiness, we mostly tend to forget that we keep raising the bar on what we believe is to be happy.

Shawn who is also a psychologist argues that happy folks are the most productive and yes, it is all in the mind.  Our minds could be rewired to be happy and thereby be more productive.  He suggests daily activities like maintaining a journal to record positive thoughts, three acts of gratitude, at least one mail with a positive note and even a random act of kindness should work wonders.  Once it becomes a practice, it is sure to show up in our lives.

Great talk to end our week in a positive note indeed.