BI and Analytics in Social Media

Social networking seems to be everywhere and even the BI tool vendors have recognized its importance by integrating social media based business intelligence and analytics in their offering spectrum.  Of late there has been a spurt of renewed interest in the analyst fraternity on social media based BI subsequent to the release of Tibco’s Silver Spotfire.   With Tibco’s support for S+ and R, users are expected to leverage Spotfire’s parametric driven analytic apps or its integrated predictive analytics features.

Most notable feature is the Spotfire Silver’s of a one year, no-cost, no-obligation to the cloud user with no IT involvement is sure to catch up the fancy of the fence sitters since it is being tuned to the cloud users.

Interesting areas being discussed and researched are :

  • Social BI Interactivity
  • Social BI Content Marts
  • Social BI Information Integration

Ability to extend real time customer support based on the customer feedbacks on the social media is being seen as an extension to CRM.  Dedicated customer support personnel are being tagged to trawl the social media for any references, good or bad, to the organization.  Latest example which is very relevant would be the amount of noise created in the social media on iPhone 4’s antenna related issues.  The pressure exerted by these social media has provided lots of negative publicity to otherwise Apple’s impeccable record.  Interesting aspect of such communication is that they are full-duplex, multi-point communications which is a classical case of flow of real-world intelligence.

Quite a few interesting conversations happening on this subject, few worth mentioning are :

By the way, does your organization has a strategy for the social media?  Happy to hear from you.

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  1. Interesting read. As you said, vendors are now integrating social media based business intelligence and analytics in their offering spectrum. I found this point particularly interesting as it is exactly what we are working on over here at We Are Cloud. Our BI solution now allows you to connect to Google Analytics data because we know how important analysing your website traffic is. Next week we’ll be releasing another new feature where you can actually analyse data across all your different websites together – something we know will be super useful to those who are really interested in and dependent on analytics.


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