Banking Customer Behavior Analytics

Typically we measure the performance of our funds in a Banking scenario by comparing the income statement and the balance sheet since it is the reflection of flow of funds Vs expenses. But when we try and do the same analysis and figure out such changes at the customer portfolio at the account level, it becomes tedious and cumbersome for want of clarity on the data.

FlowTracker is one such piece of intelligent analytics software which would help the Bank to measure the customer cash flows and help it in revealing the acquisition, attrition, retention and cannibalization.

It turns customer portfolio data is turned into meaningful information for reporting, analysis and predictive modelling in multiple dimensions to reveal who is doing what, where and when within your customer and product portfolios, by:

  • Account
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Branch network location
  • Relationship manager
  • Source or destination of funds
  • Time period

By combining the above dimensions, it helps in revealing new insights into customer behavior and helps the Bank to answer questions such as :

New business questions:
How much is coming from new customers ?

  • How much is coming from other products ?
  • How much is coming from organic growth ?
  • How much is coming from existing customers ?
  • Which products are being transferred into this one ?
  • How much new money did my marketing campaign bring in ?

Attrition questions:

  • How much business have I lost from ongoing customers ?
  • How much have I lost from lost customers ?
  • How much is being transferred to other products in the bank ?
  • How many customers – and which ones – have paid down debt by liquidating investments ?
  • How much of my lost business is lost internally ?

Need more info?  Visit Flow Tracker Analytics site.

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